Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Relections on the Day


Today we went to numerous rallies and heard many good speeches from some of the candidates. Each rally was a different and unique experience. First we went to Ron Paul in the Marriot hotel. It was nice to be able to sit down and take in all the excitement and cameras for the first time. He made his views very clear and spoke firmly with ambition. It was a great first speech to hear. He had avid supporters and cheers for Ron Paul were heard often throughout his speech. It was also really cool to see how many cameras and TV crews were there. It was interesting to experience live the press mobbing him with their camera flashes and microphones the second he had a free moment.

The second person we went to see was Michele Bachmann. She didn’t give a speech but she walked through a restaurant in a meet and greet fashion. All three of us, Jessica, Rose and I, got to shake her hand and tell her our name. It was very brief but personal and intimate. She was very happy and seemed to enjoy meeting everyone. The best part was seeing all the media crammed on the serving side of the restaurant with the cooks so there was room for Michelle to make her way through the restaurant.

Next, we went to Rick Santorum. His rally was held in a pizza restaurant just outside of Des Moines. It was extremely hot and very crowded because the majority of his followers were crammed into a room on the side of the diner that was quite small. He made a brief speech about why he is a valid candidate for president. He didn’t go into his views very much until he answered two questions asked by people in the room. He was a good speaker and he had some convincing arguments as to why he should be president.

We concluded with Mitt Romney, and rightfully so. His rally was by far the biggest and best set up. It was held in a warehouse not far from our hotel. There was a walkway for him to walk down with a ring-like set up at the end and finally a platform for him to stand on and speak. Before he even came out you could tell the people in the room were motivated. As he started to walk down the aisle, the cheers continued to get louder and louder. He was grinning ear to ear and he shook hands with everyone he could. The media could not get enough of him and had to continuously rotate out so everyone could get a picture of him. We had the opportunity to stand right against the black bar holding people back from mobbing him. The best part about his rally was not the excited cheers, or the fact that we got to witness anti-Romney protesters get thrown out, but his speech. He gave us background on his family and his wife made a brief introduction of their four grown boys. This connected him to his audience and humanized him – personalizing him to his followers. His speech was brief but inspirational and convincing. He gave his viewpoints and energized the people at the rally who soaked it all in. Even though he had plenty to say about Obama’s presidency, he kept it nice and avoided the blame game. The people loved it and the energy in the room was great. It was a wonderful way to conclude the night.

Overall the day was very exciting and a great experience. It was so cool to see four different crowds gathered together to support who they felt would make the best President of the United States. The energy in each rally was awesome and it was so cool to see the hope and excitement in people’s eyes as they absorbed every word their candidate had to say.


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